Rose City Comic Con Mothra Cosplay Debut RCCC Godzilla

Yzma and Kronk

Today is the first day of the Rose City Comic Con. As was my goal and plan I debuted the Mothra cosplay today. The hat is sturdy and the band nearly invisible once it was under my hair. The wings… Continue Reading


K. L.’s Movie Picks for 2014

This being the start of a new year I thought it might be apropos to share some of the movies I’m looking forward to seeing in 2014. Of course Godzilla. I am in a state of heightened anticipation for the… Continue Reading


Saving Mr. Banks Surprising and Touching

Saving Mr. Banks Promotional Poster

Everything about Saving Mr. Banks was done with sensitivity, subtlety and a level of storytelling that is rarely seen in movies where being over the top is so often rewarded at the box office. Saving Mr. Banks is truly a companion piece to Mary Poppins, with an epiphany and a touching change of heart that, while perhaps not true to life, makes for a very strong and moving story. Continue Reading