Portland Comic Con 2015 A Late but Great Review

Batman villains

Wizard World’s Portland Comic Con happened at the Portland Convention Center in Portland, Oregon January 23, 24 and 25. Yes I’m a week behind and I do apologize, gentle reader. So many amazing things happened at the con and I… Continue Reading


Echoes of RCCC2014 Mothra Kaijucast and Gareth Edwards Monsters

Mothra cosplay

The wonderful people at Kaijucast posted a picture of the Mothra cosplay on their web site. If you love Kaiju you should really check them out. Their panel discussion at the Rose City Comic Con was so much fun. I… Continue Reading


RCCC2014 Day 2 Mothra meets Godzilla and Dirk Benedict

Loki cosplay

Comic Cons restore my faith in humanity. A bold statement? Perhaps. It’s true though. When I see hundreds of creative cosplayers in their fantastic costumes, most of which they made themselves, it makes me happy. I love the cosplayers who… Continue Reading


Rose City Comic Con Mothra Cosplay Debut RCCC Godzilla

Yzma and Kronk

Today is the first day of the Rose City Comic Con. As was my goal and plan I debuted the Mothra cosplay today. The hat is sturdy and the band nearly invisible once it was under my hair. The wings… Continue Reading