The Newest Marvel Super Hero: Batman

Bloomburg Business Week’s December 23 – January 5 issue contained a blockbuster. Batman is a Marvel hero!

Batman is Marvel

Marvel’s Batman!

Apparently there is a big flap about the U.S. Postal Service releasing a series of stamps celebrating Harry Potter. Purists complain that Potter isn’t even American and thus shouldn’t be on American stamps. Really.

The print edition of the article, “Harry Potter and the Philatelists’ Fury,” included a graphic of the top five bestselling US stamps. Still number one is Elvis, but in the list is the Marvel Super Heroes set in 2007, apparently including Batman.

Doesn’t Bloomburg have a resident nerd to fact check these things? The Batman stamp was released as part of a sheet of 20 on July 20, 2006. The Marvel sheet of 20 was released over a year later on July 26, 2007.

Ask Obama about confusing Star Wars and Star Trek. You have to be careful about crossing the nerd streams.

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