World Series Gifts for the Royals Fan

If you’re shopping for a Royals fan this year, the number of official World Series products can be bewildering. As a Royals fan here are some of my favorite reasonably-priced items that you might consider.

Here’s a great place to start, the official World Series Champion shirts worn by the team.

Another great item is the World Series cap like the ones worn by the Royals during the series.

If you want something a little warmer, I really like this World Series Hoodie.

For the Royals fan who wants to relieve the season in book form, how about the World Series Champion Kansas City Royals – official commemorative book?

For those Royals fans who live in colder climates, this beanie will keep your head warm. Sometimes I prefer a beanie to a baseball cap when I don’t need to keep the sun or the rain out of my eyes.

Here’s the issue of Sports Illustrated celebrating the Royals’ win.

If you’re looking to introduce your young children to the Royals, here’s a fun book.

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