Pictures from Emerald City Comic Con – Legos and Mario

ECCC was, as usual, a ton of fun this year. This year we didn’t do nearly as many panels or autographs. We spent most of our time at the con shopping, people watching and did get to play some Magic.

I did get to see Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) and John de Lancie (Q) and we got autographs from both so our Star Trek autograph collection continues to expand. At this point we have a pretty good representation of the surviving TOS crew with William Shatner, Walter Koening, and Nichelle Nichols. From the Next Generation we have Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner and John de Lancie.

We also saw a huge, life size Mario hanging out on the balcony of the apartment building across the street from our hotel.

As there was last year, there was an exhibit of huge Lego displays. This year’s highlight was a full Rivendell, bigger than a dining room table, in incredible detail. There was also a moving, working R2D2 that kept kids entertained.

Mario at ECCCLego RivendellLego RivendellLego R2D2

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