Random Magic Cards of the Day: Glyph of Reincarnation and Paladin of Prahv

Glyph of ReincarnationGlyph of Reincarnation was part of a set of common Glyphs in Legends. They’re all one casting cost instants and, unfortunately, none of them really do much. Glyph of Reincarnation is a particularly weird entry. It can kill a creature, but you have to block it with a wall. I will grant you that walls (and cards which interacted with walls) were more common back in the day but even so, this is a huge setback right up front. Then, you have to put a creature back into play on your opponent’s side for each creature killed this way. If the creature that died is the only one in your opponent’s graveyard, they get it right back.

You can see why this card never saw much (any?) play.

Also, a note for you youngsters out there: a Wall is a creature with Defender.

PaladinofPrahvI remember Paladin of Prahv causing me a lot of heartache when my opponents played it in Ravnica block draft. The Paladin has Forecast, which is a mechanic too expensive and inconvenient for constructed play but pretty powerful in sealed or draft. The way the ability is worded is like the old Spirit Link: you can use the ability on your opponent’s creature and you will gain the life. Compare this to Lifelink where the creature’s controller gains the life.

The Paladin can either help you gain life if you have other creatures in play or, in a pinch, he can be an overcosted 3/4. Paladin of Prahv would see a lot more play if he were Standard legal now, with Archangel of Thune.

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