Random Cards of the Day: Indebted Samurai and Triskelavus

Indebted SamuraiIndebted Samurai is, of course, part of the underpowered Kawigawa block. It’s keyword ability, Bushido, is basically a neutered version of Rampage but also works when it blocks. Unlike Rampage, creatures with Bushido only get +1/+1 once. Samurai and cards with Bushido seem to be popular in casual decks but they’re not very good. Indebted Samurai is basically a 2/3 for four which can grow if your other Samurai start dying. Not great,  which is why you’re getting a bonus card of the day today.

Our second card is Triskelavus, a mainstay of my casual artifact deck and for a time a win condition for white/blue control decks, back when Time Spiral was Standard legal. The ability to create blockers and fling them at creatures or players at instant speed is really handy. It was even better back when damage went on the stack.

TriskelavusTriskelavus has lots of potential uses. You can use the tokens to generate lots of mana with Ashnod’s Altar or Krark-Clan Ironworks. You can sacrifice the creatures to any number of other creatures, from Fallen Angel to Cartel Aristocrat. Throw a Blood Artist in the mix and things will be even more fun.

To make Triskelavus even more fun you can add Doubling Season or Parallel Lives to your deck. If you’re running green you also have access to lots of mana acceleration which can help get Triskelavus on the board in the first place. And if you’re going to create a deck like this I would suggest Triskelion and Garruk’s of all flavors to maximize the counter and token generating ability.

Triskelavus’ days as a tournament playable card are most likely over but it’s still a fun card that gives you lots of strategic decisions to make when you play it.

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