Chiefs Epic Collapse Led By Defense

It still hurts as I write this, less than two hours after the Chiefs heartbreaking, unbelievable, improbable but ultimately predictable loss to the Colts in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs. Predictable to any Kansas City Chiefs fan, that is. I watched Twitter as the Colts mounted their comeback in the second half and every Chiefs fan knew what was coming.

Andy Reid can't lookIf anyone had told you the Chiefs would lose Jamaal Charles six plays into the game, you would not have given them any chance to win. You certainly wouldn’t have predicted a 44 point outburst, and if you did you wouldn’t think a 44 point outburst would be wasted by a terrible defensive collapse.

As good as the Chiefs D was in starting the season 9-0, they were that bad down the stretch. The Chiefs should have never lost their home game to the Chargers but they let Phillip Rivers march down the field with very little time left and throw the winning touchdown to a wide receiver who nobody had ever heard of.

The Chiefs offense did everything they could be expected to and more. Alex Smith was fantastic in the first half. Dwayne Bowe had his best game of the year. Donnie Avery actually caught a deep bomb when he was wide open. Knile Davis did a decent Jamaal Charles impression. But it wasn’t enough.

Kendrick Lewis and Dunta Robinson have proven that they have no business in an NFL backfield. The Chiefs need replacements for those two and they need them now. The Chiefs could also use more big bodies on the line. For all the talk of how much better Dontari Poe has gotten the Chiefs are still unable to stop the run when it counts. They seem genetically unable to stop Donald Brown in both games.

After a 2-14 season it’s hard to complain about losing in the playoffs. But the Chiefs were up by 28 points. You would think that would be enough even with all the injuries. But the fumblerooski for a touchdown was a very Chiefs play and told every Kansas City fan exactly what to expect for the rest of the game.

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